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Keren is a two-time internationally published author, speaker, and business strategist who consults with business owners and decision makers on the most effective ways to create both a thriving business, and personal life. Her specialty is collaborating with her clients to remove their personally imposed obstacles and up-level their game in both areas of their life, allowing them to realize their life’s vision. Keren’s ultimate goal in life is to create happy, healthy organizations where employees thrive. The way to achieve this is through happy and healthy leadership, which will in turn create an unshakeable foundation. She knows that when employees thrive, so do their work places, communities, and families.

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Vision Creation

How smoothly would your life flow if you had a compass pointing you to your end goal? During this time, we will define your vision both at the personal, and professional levels to create a clear road map to your ideal life. We will refine your life vision, and eliminate personally imposed barriers. In this package you will have unlimited email access to me, and four live coaching calls over a twelve week period to clarify any questions, or deal with challenges that arise for you. After your vision is clearly defined you will naturally and intuitively start moving toward your perfect life realizing that, guided by your map and compass, every decision you make is the right one.

Vision Attainment

What if you were so clear on your perfect future that every decision you made intuitively moved you toward your goal? Can you see how the right choices become obvious, and you naturally and effortlessly align with them, once you have a clear destination? During this twelve week period we will dive deep into your ultimate goals and solidify your path. In our weekly coaching calls we will define your ideal life, and compare your current direction with the goals you desire. We will discuss your personal commitments, and course correct where necessary. Many times the ultimate goal we imagine for ourselves, does not align with what we are committed to doing and being. We will look at your map and commitments over twelve weeks, and refine them to align your ideal goals with your true desires and commitments.

Leadership Refinement

What would your organization look like if you could refine your leadership style into one that evokes the best from your team? Imagine having a team so loyal that they will follow you anywhere, and do anything to help you succeed? We will easily, and naturally, transform you into the kind of leader that enables any organization to thrive. This package covers the fourteen areas I have found are critical to be an effective leader, and actualized person outside the organization. We will have 16 weekly coaching calls during which we will dig deep into, and define your vision for your organization, explore your commitments as a leader, and clarify your desires on the personal level. At the end of our time together you will be clear on the steps you need to take to become the amazing leader, and person, you always wanted to be.


Culture Creation

Are you ready to turn your organization into the thriving business that you can be proud of? Do you strive to be seen as a top employer in your field? Can you imagine being able to easily and naturally attract, retain, and maintain the top level talent that everyone in your industry is scrambling for? What kind of scale could you achieve if your employees / contributors were clear on the fact that you have their best interest at heart, and took amazing care of you in return? In this six month journey we will create that kind of environment within your organization, and help you become the kind of leader who can sustain that environment with ease.

Supplementary Monthly Coaching

Once we complete the initial coaching package, whether personal, leadership, or organizational, we can continue to work on any additional areas which you feel need strengthening. This will be a monthly subscription. During our sessions we will cover any areas that we did not get to explore during the initial coaching package, or any new areas of your life that you would like to transform in order to become the greatest version of yourself and bring about your perfect life.

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