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Up-Level Your Organization

This series introduces the foundations and infrastructure needed to ensure a healthy, thriving, company. It addresses the topics of Human Resources, Information Technology, and Agile. We also discuss the Business Life-Cycle from entrepreneurship to exit, and explore the best actions at each inflection point where entrepreneurs tend to plateau.

Design Your Perfect Life

Do you wonder how some people seem to live a life where everything flows easily? If you could have it all your way, what kind of life would you live? In this series you will design your ultimate life by becoming clear about the end results that you want to achieve

Understand Your Personal Power

Have you wondered what “Energy work” means, but were hesitant to ask? In this series many of those questions are asked for you. We look at energy work from the foundational level in a logical, scientific way. You will learn the fundamental elements necessary to affect your personal reality, and change your life.

Access Your Creative Abilities

Are you clear on the foundations of the Law of Attraction, but still unable to create change in your life? We look at several areas where you may be sabotaging yourself and your results, and point out minor changes you can make to move forward.

Empowered Leader Package

If you are ready to transform your life, and leadership abilities, then this package is for you. What you get:

  1. Understand Your Personal Power webinar series.
  2. Access Your Creative Abilities.
  3. Design Your Perfect Life.
  4. Up-Level Your Organization.
  5. Bonus – Life Vision Workbook

Life Vision Workbook

Are you ready to become crystal clear about your perfect life? I guide you, with a weekly video,  through the Life Vision Workbook where you cover all twelve areas of your life on which you must be clear in order to start drawing your vision to you with ease.

Downloaded products are refundable only if used less than 25%. Once you have gone through 25% of the material you are acknowledging that you accept this product as viable for use and are happy with the quality. At 26% of use, no refund will be issued. You as the consumer have waived your right to a return request.

Live Virtual Classes

Join me for a year-long exploration of three areas which can change your life.

Each section will last twelve weeks and consist of 6 live classes followed by 6 Live Q&A sessions where I answer your questions and guide you through the journey. You will be able to ask your questions both live during the Q&A sessions, or by submitting them by email ahead of time.

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Every company has a culture. Either by default, or by design. If your goal is to be considered a top employer in your field, your culture must be curated with careful intention. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it will take care of itself.

If you have employees, you need to know your options around partners that can help with liability shift, risk mitigation, and long term cost containment. A good Professional Employer Organization can be your ultimate resource for all this, and more.

There is a huge difference between a vendor and a partner, whether in Human Resources, Information Technology, or any other area. You need to understand the difference between a strategic partner, and a random vendor before you agree to a partnership.