Are you ready to fully map out your perfect life? The Live Vision Workbook covers all twelve areas of your life on which you must be clear in order to start drawing your vision to you with ease.

In this series I have provided the complete workbook which will guide you through your full vision creation. I will walk you through the weeks and questions, including areas which I have found in need of special focus, so that you can get a crystal clear picture of your perfect life.

This workbook was designed to easily fit into any schedule, so that it intergrates naturally with your daily routines. It is broken down by week, so that each week you only need to focus on that particular section.

This series is designed for the Do-It-Yourself people who are ready to get started, and become clear on their life’s vision. I am also available for personal coaching, if you decide that you would like more guidance around this creation. 

I hope you enjoy the journey into making your perfect life a realitly!