Health Coaching

How easy would your life be if you no longer had to “eat less, and move more?” What if your body effortlessly eliminated fat while you eat as much as you want, never feel hungry, and rarely exercise? That is how my life works. As you can see in the photos below, that was not always the case. For many years I did “everything right” according to doctors, nutritionists, and everyone else out there who offers useless weight-loss advice. I exercised for 2 hours a day, ate almost nothing, and still weighed around 300 pounds without being able to shed an ounce.

In 2015, through a series of random circumstances, I finally figured out what was going on with my body. I learned that doctors and nutritionists have known for over 100 years through documented studies, that their “Eat less-move more” advice is a lie. It NEVER works long term. They also keep prescribing this advice, then blaming US for failing. These realizations not only opened my eyes, but made me incredibly sad. Why would the people who should be taking care of my health lie? Why would they give me advice they know does not work, then blame ME when that advice failed? That answer was also saddening. It is because they can’t get paid for the truth, so they lie in order to keep getting a paycheck. Or worse, they don’t care enough to get educated about this subject at all.

Ever thought “Why can’t I eat just one and walk away?” You may not be aware of this, but food companies hire experts in evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, and chaos mathematics specifically to create foods that are addicting. Yes, chaos mathematics. That is why you can’t get enough of some foods.

Finally empowered by the information I learned about how the human body works, and what needs to happen, I started easily and naturally losing fat. Along with that my energy magically rose, and so did my muscle mass. It was amazing to see how food was the most important part of the equation, and that my body did what it was supposed do without being forced. The best part was I ate a LOT. I was never hungry, or craving.

I am familiar with various options that can work depending on your body, and what it will tolerate. I don’t believe in making people starve, or forcing suffering in order to achieve the results. I know it can happen effortlessly, while you remain full and happy. Because of this, I am very passionate about helping other people get the same kind of results.

It would make me so happy to coach you through this process, and help you achieve the health which has seemed so elusive until now.

This package includes a weekly check-in and coaching call, along with email support. I will guide you through the various options available and based on how your body responds, we will choose the optimal plan for you. Best of all, the only changes you will need to make revolve around adjusting your shopping list.