“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

~ Albert Einstein

We all create the reality in which we live, whether by default or design. If our thoughts truly become things, then they are the first step in changing our life. This means that what we focus on greatly affects the “reality” we experience. Whether you call it the Universe, GOD, your higher power, or something else, how you interact with it will shape your life.


Are you ready to dramatically change your world?

Would you like to experience magical coincidences as the default of your life?


Join me for this 100 days of Gratitude Challenge, where we will realign the foundation on which you have created your experiences.



How It Works

Once registered you will receive an email with the invitation to the private Facebook group. I will post daily, and be available to respond should you have any questions about the experiences you are having. Participation in the group is mandatory, as this is a challenge, and the group needs to be a safe place for everyone to work as a team.

We will have a weekly check-in post for everyone to share what they have seen occur over the previous week, and since the beginning of the challenge.

This group will work as a team to help everyone in the tribe change the foundation of their reality, and start seeing magic happen in their lives.

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