Energy Work Coaching

I have found over the years that my knowledge of energy work has attracted all kinds of practitioners looking for healing and guidance. As such I teach many courses, and mentor advanced students in the more subtle aspects of energy work. I offer individual healing sessions, and teach several courses.

I am trained in many modalities, and have studied under tribal shaman. The more common modalities in which I work, and train others, are Reiki, Theta, Trinity, Hypnosis, Crisis Intervention, Western Feng Shui, Energy In Motion and EFT. I also work with several more sacred practices, but do not teach any of those to the public.

I would love to help you with your physical, or spiritual challenges.


**Contact me for details on Advanced Energy Coaching. We will discuss your needs, and see if they are a good fit for my services. I work with advanced practitioners guiding them to the more subtle practices.



How It Works

This is a healing session of remote, or distance, energy work. The session will last 50 minutes and will work on whatever challenges you are facing at that moment. I often have people come to me asking for work on one challenge, but the energy wants to fix something else. That happens because the other thing is an underlying issue which must be resolved before that thing you want to fix can be resolved.

You will find that the best results come from keeping an open mind and allowing the energy to work on whatever item which it chooses, even if it is not exactly what you initially wanted. Many times that other problem needed to be resolved first, and once resolved the initial problem disappears on its own.

Package Pricing

$1,750/10 Sessions