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                 Culture Creator

Imagine an organization with a culture so healthy and strong that the employees can not be poached. They happily come to work, and give discretionary effort on a regular basis. An organization where the employees feel so confident that management has their backs, they go out of their way to ensure the organization thrives. With  my help, my clients create that kind of environment in their business. Who do you know that would love to set that kind of unshakeable foundation in place?

         How I Got Started

My story is quite an adventure, but it is a sign of a life well lived. I consider myself part geek, but in all the good ways. I love learning and figuring out what makes things work. I love exploring people, places, history, culture and music, as well as learning what makes a good bourbon just to name a few! I also like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur. And one of the most important traits a connoisseur possesses is the ability to recognize some of the less visible or obvious notes or flavors and to value, appreciate, and understand that sometimes it’s the unexpected combinations that create a truly remarkable end result.  

Just like crafting a good bourbon, we can work to help enhance and evolve your leadership style to make you more palatable to your organization. We will fine tune your personal leadership style to demonstrate a depth of flavor that is subtle yet complex, but not overpowering, making it a natural choice that is easy to enjoy. I believe there is greatness in everyone, and great leaders are born out of their own set of unique and special components; we just need to figure out how to express yours in an effective and productive way, and I would be honored to help you do that.

So what’s my story? I have been amazingly blessed to have experienced things that most people only dream of. I was born in Israel which immersed me in a rich mix of diverse cultures, ideas, and philosophies very early in life. I look back now with the understanding that I started life surrounded by rich history, and complex world views. As a freshman in college I presented at the San Diego Museum of Man’s Annual Rock Art Symposium as an expert on the Close Reading of Incised Rocks. I have published 2 books that have sold on 4 continents. I have studied inter-personal and inter-gender communication skills, which have facilitated my business, as well as personal, relationships. I have lived in 2 countries and visited many others. I speak multiple languages. I experienced Bon Om Touk (The Cambodian Water Festival) in Siem Reap. I have participated in shamanic trainings that few spiritual practitioners get to experience. I have been a first responder, and was certified as an immediate, on-scene, crisis and trauma intervention specialist. In this role I worked with governmental agencies and other first responders to support those affected by unexpected traumas. So yes, I have lived an amazing life so far.

These are just a few highlights of my life’s journey, but each of those experiences has shaped me profoundly. They have solidified my ability to consult with many types of people, with varying backgrounds and diverse beliefs, and to guide them toward the realization of their personal visions.

Today I combine my communication skills with my degree in Business Administration, Doctor of Metaphysics, crisis intervention training, and study of the psychology of functional organizations (I told you I was a bit of a geek!) to guide my clients to define and clarify their visions in order to ultimately achieve their dream life. I want people to know that they can create their circumstances by design, and teach them how to do it at will. My dream is to empower everyone in the realization of their life’s vision. 


Keren is a thorough, organized individual with a witty sense of humor. She is compassionate and in tune with the needs of others. Which is a true asset when training and speaking to groups regarding personal branding, productivity and other areas to coach high performance individuals. She is easy to get along with and can engage clients in both high-level and detailed business discussions. Keren is professional and a great conversationalist. She knows multiple languages, which gives her international appeal in diverse meetings and group discussions. I look forward to working further with Keren at my next opportunity.

Jason C.

Business Optimization Specialist

Having Keren Shamay out for energy release in my business. While she was here one new client walked in. She left, 2 walk in clients two grooms today!~ 22 text messages…and 5 phone calls for new grooms! I was going to call you Keren and share this exciting moment with you but hey – figured social media would be even better. Call Keren today! You really need to understand energies!

Dede C.

Owner, My Favorite Groomer

Keren is a highly motivated professional manager with extensive experience in improving operational efficiencies, cost and scheduling projects, staff training and development. She also has very strong relationship-building skills, presentation skills and demonstrated success in contributing to bottom-line results.

Terry S.

Founder, BuzzPro

What I Do

Personal Coaching, Leadership Training,

Energy Psychology

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