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My story is quite an adventure, and it is a sign of a life well lived. I consider myself part geek, but in all the good ways. I love learning and figuring out what makes things work. I love exploring people, places, history, culture and music, as well as learning what makes a good bourbon just to name a few! I also like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur.  And one of the most important traits a connoisseur possesses is the ability to recognize some of the less visible or obvious notes or flavors and to value, appreciate, and understand that sometimes it’s the unexpected combinations that create a truly remarkable end result.  

Make Your Vision A Reality

When you are crystal clear on your desires, and have no resistance to receiving help, your reality will rearrange to create the necessary synchronicities, and connections  for their achievement. You will find that random events occur which drive you directly toward your goals. My purpose is to align you with your vision, like a compass, and help you remove obstacles to realizing it.


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Personal Coaching, Energy Psychology, Leadership Training

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